March 2019. Angelopoulos' sculptures seem incapable of being still. Exhibition review by The Hamilton Spectator

Winter 2019. Oblique Choreography. Essay by Ivan Jurakic for the McMaster Museum of Art

Winter 2018. Together We Stand by Shannon Anderson. Carousel Magazine Feature

Spring/Fall 2018. Print Making Residency & Limited Edition Prints at Open Studio in Toronto

March 2018. Art Gallery of Hamilton Sets the Record Straight for Female Artists. The Toronto Star

Summer 2017. Act Naturally. Essay by Renée Van der Avoird for the MacLaren Art Centre

February 2017. La Fabrique Culturelle (video tour) at Musée Régional de Rimouski

Winter 2017. For A New Humanism of Affect. Essay by Ève De Garie Lamanque for the Musée Régional de Rimouski

March 2017. Rad Hourani Unisex Fashion Collaboration

February 2017. Material Girls at the University of Saskatchewan Art Gallery. The Star Pheonix

February 2017. Material Girls at University of Saskatchewan. CBC News

September 2016. Textile Museum Of Canada at London UK Design Festival

Summer 2016. Public Sculpture Commission for Cafka.16

April 2016. Look Again for Symbolism. McGill Daily Exhibition Review

April 2016. Colour Code. Chatelaine Magazine Fashion Feature

March 2016. New City Art Review at LVL3 Gallery in Chicago

January 2016. In studio video interview for Canadian Art Magazine

Nov 2015. S, M, L, XL. In the studio with The Toronto Star

Nov 2015. Akimbo Video Review of Retrace solo exhibition

Fall 2015. Swimmers Group Publishers. A collaborative zine project

Fall 2015. Inclusion in FEELINGS: Soft Art Publication. Rizzoli NY (Preview)

Fall 2015. New City Art. Review at LVL3 Gallery in Chicago

Fall 2015. Artworks featured in Lonny Magazine in California

Winter 2015. Inclusion in Maake Magazine Issue 2. Pennsylvania

Winter 2015. Artist in Residence Video. KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre. Finland

Winter 2015. Exhibition Review: The Ruin in the Refuge is the Hole. Oulu, Finland

February 2015. Material Girls at the Dunlop Art Gallery. Prairie Dog Magazine

October 2014. Short Listed for Oshawa Sculpture Commission GM Centre

April 2014. Artist of the Week. LVL3 Gallery, Chicago

December 2014. Untitled Miami International Art Fair

November 2013. Untitled Miami International Art Fair. Fashion Magazine Online

October 2013. Art Toronto Highlights. by Leah Sandals for Canadian Art online Magazine

October 2013. Akimbo Review: Heating the Hammer of Reason at Cambridge Galleries

June 2013. The Weird and Wonderful sculptures of Jaime Angelopoulos. ELLE Canada Magazine

Fall 2013. Artist Multiple Fundraiser for Casey House

Summer 2013. Summertime in Paris at Parisian Laundry. Review for Tourism Montreal

April 2013. Le Pari Gagné de Papier. Feature at Montreal's Papier Art Fair. Le Devoir

December 2012. Young Toronto Sculptor Wins Hazelton Sculpture Prize. Blouin Art Info

Winter 2013. The Art Collection of the Hazleton Hotel. by Waheeda Harris. Preferred Magazine

July 2013. The False Promise of Stuff.Museum of Contemporary Art Review. The Globe & Mail

July 2013. MoCCA Reflects Trending Return to Material Media with trans/FORM. Blouin Art Info

June 2013. trans/FORM at The Museum of Contemporary Art. The Toronto Star

May 2012. The Trickster Within by Shannon Anderson for YYZ Artist Outlet

Fall 2011. York University Acquires 'Thief' for their Collection

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